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The Inventory Management Tool (IMT) provides dealers access to their online inventory, business intelligence reporting, call results, Locator Leads & other business tools that are a part of our suite of services. Additionally, the Dual Site add-on allows for exposure on Equipment Trader.


Inventory Management Tool

IMT Premium Listings

The Premium Listing Ads are the most prominent listings on the Search Results page.  Rendered at the top, due to their heavily weighted value, these ads are highly targeted generating based on location, manufacturer, and model selected by the user. Dealers have the opportunity to select specific units that they want to highlight and showcase at the top of the Search Results page. Apart from increased exposure due to excellent visibility, the response rate for Premium Ads can be upwards to six times that of a Standard Listing. Premium Listing Ads produce better lead results for dealers.

Our team of customer support specialists will assist you through the process of setting up your Inventory Management Tool, understanding the extensive business intelligence reporting, as well as assist with any questions you may have in maintaining your online inventory.  Our number one priority is our dealers.  We designate a specific specialist to your account so you have one-on-one communication.